Become a Volunteer


The Dogwood Festival events are successful because of our dedicated volunteers! Volunteers help with everything from serving beer to cleaning up. Volunteering with the Dogwood Festival is a great and FUN way to give back to the Fayetteville community.

  • Who can be a volunteer for the festival? We have many different areas and responsibilities for all types of people with all types of skills. Come on down and join us! We’ll find a job for you to do!

  • What should I expect volunteer shifts to be like? Volunteer shifts are about four hours long. Late night shifts for concerts may run a little longer than four hours. Expect to wear your volunteer shirt, work hard, have fun and enjoy the festival from behind the scenes.

  • When do we need volunteers to come to the festival? Although we do have pre-festival volunteer shifts, most of our shifts are during the Saturday and Sunday time frame of the festival.

  • Where do you go if you would like to volunteer? You will need to register yourself through our system if you would like to volunteer. CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW if you want to go ahead and register.

  • Why should you join our team and give us your time? It’s an awesome experience to be a volunteer at THE biggest party in Fayetteville. You’ll get the inside scoop, a few perks here and there, and have a great time giving your time back to the community.