Entertain Our Crowds!

Performances are a highlight of the Dogwood Festival. Attendees will see both touring and local performers – everything from country, old school hip hop and R&B, rock , all types of music! In addition we allow street performers, dance troupes, magicians, and any entertainment that would fit for a main stage attraction as well as a street performance.

We present FREE performances on two outdoor stages in addition to anchored attractions on our downtown Fayetteville streets in addition to smaller acts on outdoor plazas.

We’re sure you’ll find a performance you’ll enjoy at the Arts Festival!

Do you want to join our entertainment?

Applications are available each year for entertainers of all types. We keep a database of applications. Please keep in mind that we receive MANY applications for entertainment each year. We require an entertainment application to be considered for the few openings we have each year. The process of selection is extremely difficult. Our goal is to finalize stage schedules by 6 weeks before our event.

A few notes:

  • Submission of an application DOES NOT mean your application has been approved.

  • All applications are selected and reviewed by committee.

  • Our staff cannot answer any questions about entertainment applications by phone.

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Include any electrical, sound, space or stage plots you may have for your performance.